Looks like a bunch of coffee addicts to me

As a keen watcher of all things pandemic, which is but one thread of the rich tapestry that is the Zombie Apocalypse I could discuss the news of first recorded outbreak of Marburg Hemoraggic fever in the United States and all that forebodes.

Or perhaps the fact that a spineless, mindless jellyfish – the Turritopsis Nutricula have cracked the secret of immortality, something that continues to thwart our best endeavors.

or in a harbinger of the coming sentient machine uprising engineer Christopher MacLeod and his colleagues (species traitors ALL) at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen are providing machines with the ability to adapt their neural networks in a way that mimic’s biological evolution.

But instead I wish to pose a question.

This morning my_reason_for_living, the_weapon and I were having a beverage while out. I ordered an Affogato. Since my_reason_for_living possesses a Y chromosome you would assume anything with chocolate and ice cream would get her seal of approval, but no.

“You know I only like coffee flavour in a hot coffee…….

“This is because you can not appreciate the subtle interplay for flavours and textures” I retorted.

“Yeah this from a man who likes things to taste either hot or caffeinated. A man who thinks cucumber has no taste”. She quipped.

My question, does cucumber have any taste at all?



  1. IT does, like a bland bitey version of watermelon. IMO.

  2. yes, though it is mild and inoffensive. Like grass, which tastes like the stems of iceberg lettuce (not the leaves).This is the reason cucumber sandwiches are a staple of English upperclass luncheons.English food has very little flavour.

  3. Raw yes, cooked no.

  4. It has a very light flavour, and some of it is due to it’s distinctive scent.The affogato sounds delicious, by the way.

  5. As opposed to other non-event foods like celery and egg whites, I have never managed to get my head around the concept of an egg white omelette. Why bohter? Why not just get some silicone gap filler and heat that up instead?As for cucumbers, I don’t know, they add something in the big picture but on their own, pretty average.

  6. Yes. But only if they are small and pickled. Otherwise they are like the English upper class that eat them in sandwiches… bland and uninteresting.

  7. Affogate? is that a cat with an afro?Oh you mean frappe?BBA oh that cuts!!!

  8. Cucumbers have a taste???Never did appeal to me either…

  9. This post is going Straight to hell hey???http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight_to_Hell_(film)

  10. They have a light grassy tastes that was meant to be enjoyed with either Ranch dressing or cream cheese and salt.

  11. They must have some taste because every time I eat them and it’s the only food that does this to me is, I burp it up for the next few hours. I usually enjoy eating cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course), after we have finished playing croquet and enjoying after noon tea on the English lawn!

  12. Depends. Do ‘cold’ and ‘wet’ count as tastes?

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