Looks like a bunch of coffee addicts to me….

As a keen watcher of all things pandemic, which is but one thread of the rich tapestry that is the  Zombie Apocalypse  I could discuss the news of first recorded outbreak of Marburg Hemoraggic fever in the United States and all that forebodes.

Or perhaps the fact that a spineless, mindless jellyfish – the Turritopsis Nutricula have cracked the secret of immortality,  something that continues to thwart our best endeavors.

or in a harbinger of the coming sentient machine uprising engineer Christopher MacLeod and his colleagues (species traitors ALL) at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen are providing machines with the ability to adapt their neural networks in a way that mimic’s biological evolution.

But instead I wish to pose a question.

This morning my_reason_for_living, the_weapon and I were having a beverage while out. I ordered an affogato. Since my_reason_for_living possesses a Y chromosome you would assume anything with chocolate and ice cream would get her seal of approval, but no.

“You know I only like coffee flavour in a hot coffee…….

“This is because you can not appreciate the subtle interplay for flavours and textures”         I retorted.

“Yeah this from a man who likes things to taste either hot or caffeinated. A man who thinks cucumber has no taste”. She quipped.

My question, does cucumber have any taste at all?



  1. no
    unless “watery pointless crap” is a flavour?
    it’s pointless like celery.
    uses more energy to consume than it contributes to ones calorific ntake.

  2. Ummmm — sadly, I have to break ranks. Cucumber has flavour. Not what you’d call intense, but flavour it is. It’s a very mild melon flavour, not unlike the taste you get as you gnaw your way down to the rind of a watermelon on a hot day.

    Younger Son thinks cucumber is Food Of The Gods, and will happily eat an entire 40cm Burpless in a single sitting, which frightens me.

    Still, it seems to me you’re missing an obvious market niche here. Somewhere in the genome of Coffea arabica is the sequence which leads to the production of caffeine. Likewise, somewhere in the genome of Capsicum chinense is the sequence leading to production of capsaicin.

    I’m sure you can see where I’m going. Don’t you think the world is just about ready for caffeinated chili cucumbers?

  3. I’d like to help, really I would. But it would involve the consumption of cucumber, a line to far I fear.

  4. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. I don’t like cucumber…..but I can’t quite figure out if I don’t like it because of the taste, or because it has NO taste. And much like bangarrr, I’m not willing to go consume any in order to figure this out.

    Also, your drink sounds amazing – if I liked coffee, which I do not. Go figure.

  5. Flinthart’s right-cukes have a mild flavor. But burpless cukes? What fun is that?

  6. Cucumbers are a must for green salads. They are not completely without taste and girls like them for eye treatment during facials.

  7. Yes, cucumbers have a distinct, if subtle ‘cucumerieness’ – but ‘burpless’? I don’t think I’ve ever consumed enough cucumber at a sitting to warrant burping…

  8. Meh. Cukes make me gag, always have. Carefully peeled, salted and de-seeded and in a sandwich with the crusts cut off is about the only way I find them likable.

    On the other hand… Flint’s suggestion is very frightening. Keep the recombinant DNA cutters away from this man!

  9. Cold yes, hot no.

  10. It tastes of cucumber. Which is to say it tastes of the absence of anything interesting, and are best used as supporting cast in salads. Flinty’s watermelon rind observation is pretty bang-on. Never enjoyed it much on its own – likewise zucchini, a relative of the cuc’ – but that could be the texture, particularly if it’s been cut for salad then left, it tends to go slimy.

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