My Lunch with BOB

Well its 11:30PM, the_weapon and my_reason_for_living are bedded down for the night so the time is mine now.

I’ll make this quick because now is usually when I get to wander the Post-Apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout3 or lay some cooperative smack_down on Zombies in Left4Dead.

Every couple of weeks GuruBob and I catch up for lunch as we both work in Melbourne’s Central Business District. Bob has been an invaluable source to anyone seeking good each eats in this town. For the pass dozen or so visits we have tried different excellent eateries. Today we returned to the one we first dinned in.

You walk up an alleyway passing overflowing industrial bins whose odour mixes with the exotic spices of Chinatown. Inside the place was packed. The menu we got today were the ones that didn’t come with pictures so we had to wing it. We observed many dishes on the surrounding tables and tried to order based on what these meals looked like.

“That one has crab in it…”

“Oh on the menu they have crispy chili pig intestine”


“That one comes in a big bowl, and looks like it has chicken, do you think that’s Chili Chicken Pot?”

” Lets order that”

“And Cumin Pork Spare Ribs”…..

Well we weren’t dissapointed, the food came and it was outstanding. The chicken was these tiny little clumps of deep fried goodness on thin bones passing through the chicken. More chick than chicken sized but there were lots of them scattered through out the plate.

Next time I will extend a general invite to those in the Melbourne CBD and take a camera. What I did do was save the left over ‘vegtables’ of the dish and took a photo when I got home.





  1. Holy fuck, Barnes! It looks as though you’ve finally found the restaurant of your wettest dreams! That right there is an insanely stupid amount of chili, and I’m getting a hard-on just looking at it.

  2. Now I’m hungry. Damn.

  3. I hope you wore gloves when plating up those leftovers.

  4. Bloody Hell! I’ll try, to make it to the next (if I’m not still broke) but I’ll stick to the meat only dishes.

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