Schadenfreude  is it wrong if the ‘other’ is a complete dick


Like Birmo’s and Flinthart’s offspring The_Weapon takes training in unarmed combat. To learn students are paired up and practice the demonstrated techniques with instructors watching and correcting.


At the dojo where he trains he is frequently paired with the same ukei (training partner) of similar age and size. Part of martial arts training is learning to be a good ukei: using the correct strike, moving the right way to help your partner practice the throw etc.. The kid he is paired with is not a good ukei. He tries to punch when he should use a strike, comes in too fast when they should be practicing the timing, moving out when practicing a throw to make it harder…generally being a dick..


We try to help The_weapon take this with focus and dedication to the discipline. We figure he is going to have to deal with idiots all his life may as well develop ways of dealing with them now. So when he has coped the odd blow to the head, kick in the shins etc… he will get up, brush it off and take up the posture ready for the next technique.


All the senior students, instructors and head of the school are aware of this ukei’s attitude, so they try to rotate him around different training partners.


Last night they paired this crappy ukei with a new student, a white belt, and as a new student will, they messed up the strike and accidentally landed a solid blow to the crappy ukei’s nose.


This kid who had often punched, stepped on or tried to trip  The_weapon during training fell over on his arse, looked up at his shorter and newer opponent and jumped up running from the mat “crying like a little girl” as later described by the_weapon.


I swear the instructor at the time looked at the parents and smiled when this happened.


So is Schadenfreude still Schadenfreude if the ‘other’ really deserves it?  



  1. It only serves to make it more schadenfreude.

  2. Sometimes too much schadenfreude is barely enough.

  3. I’d say no, so enjoy the feeling guilt free.

  4. As an instructor, even I got a warm fuzzy out of that one. So I’m going with “no”.

  5. Must say, I can’t imagine Anna Birmingham being amused by the Weapon’s description of the ukei’s ‘girlie’ performance. grrrrrrr.

  6. Like Flinthart said, this gives me the warm fuzzies. I’m not sure if this means I’m an awful person or just one who enjoys a good tale involving comeuppance and a punch to the nose. Hmm.

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