No More Heroes

One of the points that stories like The Batman toy with is that you only get super villains if you start with superheroes. This is a thesis which has been impossible to test,

until now.

Of the many crimes against humanity committed so far by the social networking site MySpace the most egregious is The World Superhero Registry.

Which proudly proclaims itself “…a forum and resource for the REAL LIFE SUPERHERO COMMUNITY..” The site has dozens of biographies with photos of wannabe and neverbeen folk, listing their names, whether they are ‘active’, tips such as ‘how to build a net gun’, if their exploits have been covered in the media and even their superhero organisation such as Black Monday or The Vixens of Velour (okay I made the last one up, but they do have a Vixens of Valour group).

As long as you could look at this as a bunch of cosplay fanatics who just took it a bit too seriously then fine. But now a 21year old calling himself Shadowhare has gone and set up the Alliance of Heroes to help defend the good citizens of that hot bed of crime …..Cincinnati.

I’ve never been to Cincinnati, but I can’t believe it deserves this

The first stirrings of opposition came from ‘the Consortium of Evil‘ who offered a $10 bounty for the Shadowhares secret identity. Then came R.O.A.C.H

Ruthless Organisation Against Citizen/Chubby Heroes.

Whose leader the mysterious The Potentate, check it out here, has stated the removal of these superheroes is the first step “towards the total end game of world domination” I hope he finished with a maniacal laugh. It’s all about standards people.

So which whould you rather team up with





  1. I reckon I could raise the level of evil in the consortium, but as Groucho said I’d never join a group that would have me as a member..

  2. Sigh. Can the Criminal United Network of Terror be far behind? At least I could consider joining that. If only to have the acronym on a Tshirt.

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