National Science Week

The bestest week of the year

Down in Australia its national science week to get on board with the activites check out the web site here. We kicked it off last night at the cub pack sleep over participating in the Big Aussie Star Hunt.

But of the many benifits offered by Science this one caught my eye.  By mathamticians at the Carlton University &  University of Ottowa have completed research on


Here is a link to the chapter.

It takes into account the possibility of quarantine (could lead to eradication, but unlikely to happen) and treatment (some humans survive, but they still must coexist with zombies), but shows that there is only one strategy likely to succeed:

“impulsive eradication.”

I love it –

“impulsive eradication.”

Probably like the impulsive eradication demonstrated in the new trailer for the upcoming survival training video with Woody Harrelson ‘ZOMBIELAND’ 

“Only sufficiently frequent attacks, with increasing force, will result in eradication, assuming the available resources can be mustered in time,” they concluded.

And if we don’t act fast enough?

“If the timescale of the outbreak increases, then the result is the doomsday scenario: an outbreak of zombies will result in the collapse of civilization, with every human infected, or dead,” they wrote. “This is because human births and deaths will provide the undead with a limitless supply of new bodies to infect, resurrect and convert.”

How fast do we need to deal with the outbreak?

 Here’s the equation they used, where S = susceptibles, Z = zombies and R = removed. If an infection breaks out in a city of 500,000 people, the zombies will outnumber the susceptibles in about three hours.

So there you have it, science says so- Aim for the head, shoot fast, shoot often!

This is an example where the world of acedemia is providing useful advice to deal with real world situations.

I love science.



  1. “Aim for the head, shoot fast, shoot often!” When is this not a good idea?

    • True

  2. Pfeh. Armed with katana and rabbit-rifle, here in my well-stocked and independently watered two-story isolated farmhouse on a large and highly defensible island, I snigger at the Zombie hordes.

    • But we are agreed on the aim for the head, shoot fast, shoot often

  3. Oh, certainly. And try to shoot them while they’re trampling the vegie patch. The extra fertilizer is bound to be useful.

  4. Hail science! This is almost as useful as that scientific research that showed that a Bacon and Egg Roll is An Good Thing after a night on the piss.

    • Well we all knew it in our hearts but its good to have it confirmed.

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