A fine Halloween

Sometimes things just don’t work out despite you best laid plans. But sometimes the wind is right, and the star align just so and a plan comes together.

Like this Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead (not the Romeroesque one) or All Souls Night whatever you want to call it.

After some of the pinheaded comments over on Birmo’s Blunt Instrument I decided to make some effort for 31 October. I picked up a decent pumpkin from the Queen Victoria Markets, and on Sunday the_weapon drew his design,  I carved and we both scooped out the innards.

The jack-o-lantern was surprisingly easy and next year will embark on a more challenging design. So Jack now displayed in pride of place in the front window next to the door. That way any trick or treaters would know they would find welcome. We had prepared toffee apples, and filled a bowl with an assortment of wrapped lollies to reward any seekers.

The seeds we kept, washed, dried added a bit of virgin olive oil and some sea salt and an hour later in a hot over and we had a bowl of Pepitas to snack on while watching a suitable Halloween movie. But which to choose. The local DVD store was of little help.

Then that confluence of good fortune came to be. The Astor is an old cinema in Melbourne east big screen, great art deco and magnificent choctops.

When I saw what was screening tonight – the choice was obvious. I even had the right shirt  thanks to Flinthart.

The_weapon loved it, and would be happy to go to the next school book week as Herbie West

How was everyone else’s Halloween?




  1. B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very tidy effort in pumpkin carving. Our Halloween was very quiet – we are on a battleaxe block and almost never get any sort of foot traffic. A little bit of WoW and Iron Man 2 on video…

  3. Pretty much a non event at my place, though no kids is a pretty good excuse 😉

  4. Pretty much a none event over here as well.

    Couldn’t be even bothered to watch a horror movie or two.

  5. Bangarrr
    plus getting past the pit traps and defenses is probably a bit intimidating

    ennui much?

  6. Good job, Barnesy! You’ve got the spirit of the day down.

    You read how my Halloween went already.

  7. Oh! You SWINE! You managed a Halloween showing of The Re-Animator? In that beautiful, beautiful cinema? Measure my envy on the RICHTER SCALE, you jammy bastard.

    … and yes, now I’m really goddam happy I sent you that shirt. Did anyone actually notice the message?

    • OH yeah, we walked down Chapel street to get some dinner and three groups, commented, high fived me and burst out laughing. Which confused me until I remembered I what I had on.

  8. Quiet Halloween, but a nice build-up towards the premiere of Walking Dead on AMC. The series is off to a wonderful start! Hope you folks down under get a chance to see it.

  9. Walking Dead sounds like a must see instructional series. You can never have too much preparation.Good idea doing a Jack-O-Lantern.

  10. Oh yeah, "Zombie Strippers" FTW.

  11. NITROUSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YsambartCoutinThanks, its my first pumpkin. WoW and Iron2 is good tooBoscolambHell yeah, the walking dead is my favourite, must read comic, hopefully soon my must see TVThebrbsThanks, and a big HELL YEAH for the Walking Dead

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