>Valentines day

>A lot has been written and sung about love, but as a skeptic this song appeals on such a day.

So I trust it would go without saying
That I would feel really very sad
If tomorrow you were to fall off something high
Or catch something bad
But I’m just saying
I don’t think you’re special
I-I mean, I think your special
But you fall within a bell curve

Happy Valentines day



  1. What’s to be a skeptic of for Valentine’s Day?

    You know, I’d say ‘Go ahead and buy Mrs Barnesy a card and some flowers. Live a little.’ But knowing some of you, Mrs Barnes would probably say ‘OK, Michael. What did you do now?’ or ‘What did you bring home?’ or ‘Who is she?’ so maybe it’s best just to let the day pass by.

    Holiday Americanization Bureau

    • You know me far too well.

  2. >This makes me smile. And makes me feel better about breaking up with Chuck back in '79.

  3. >You deserve better, and even if they are one in a million that still leaves several thousand to choose from intelliwench.

  4. Valentine’s cards bring me out in a rash; I don’t want to know what he’s done OR brought home; and we’ve had the discussion regarding the hookers and blow budget for this month–school started recently, you know. But I don’t think you’re special either–Happy V Day.

  5. Needless to say the previous post should be read with irony filters on–don’t fall of anything high.

    • You say the sweetest things, and you should see someone about that rash

  6. >Bwaaahahahahahahaha.Whew.There.

  7. >Your blog is Very nice

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