>Hug me I’m Vaccinated


“Look its Patient Zero, TAKE’ HER DOWN!”

Are you noticing lots of people coughing, spluttering, complaining of sniffles and worse SNEEZING? Everyday on the train into the city a half a dozen people in my carriage release a mighty, droplet-riddled – ACHOO, and I think

 ‘is this it? is this Patient Zero of the next great pandemic?’ 

What is the correct etiquette in this situation? pass them a hanky, douse them in disinfectant, yell at them “way to to doom the planet sneezy.”

This week saw 4197 cases of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) since the start of the year in Victoria. This is twice the numbers for the same period in 2010. The Chief Health Officer of Victoria provided these figures

In 2008 there were 1673 cases
2009 there were 3736
2010 a total of 6736

anyone else spotting a trend here?

My reason_for_living, a mild mannered academic at a major metropolitan university, (that’s a fib she’s never been mild mannered) was notified of a case of diphtheria in the university. That’s right


The New South Wales health department describes this disease as

As a contagious and potentially life threatening bacterial  infection, a common cause of death in children up   until the 1940s but has now almost  disappeared in Australia due to immunization     

I expect Tetanus to start rearing its ugly jaw locking head any day. 

If only there was some effective regime we as a society could adopt to prevent these terrible disease from ravaging across our civilization? There is its called VACCINATION.  Perhaps a schedule like the one listed here given to all children. Its called the National Immunization Program Schedule. So why isn’t it working? I tell you why its because ….

Immunization is a victim of its own success, we don’t see children suffering from these diseases anymore so we have become complacent. Which allows the efforts of the deliberately miss-titled Australian Vaccination network to spread lies and fears of the risk of immunization. This organisation headed by the appalling Meryl Dorey whose rants against immunization are so bizarre, on one occasion likening a vaccination of a child to rape, leads me to suspect she may suffer from some form of twisted Piquerism. Then there is the work of ex Doctor Andrew Wakefield whose fraudulent study proposing a link between the UK MMR vaccine and Autism lead to a boom in cases of measles. Plus the Tree-change, we live in a fairy tale mind state in rural New South Wales and don’t believe in Western Medicine type. 

When I took the_weapon in to get this years flu shot I discovered the booster for tetanus I got after my motorbike accident only covered me for Tetanus and Diphtheria. So I paid the $40 for the booster and received the most painless vaccination ever. At the moment the health department is offering the booster free to new parents in an effort to get this outbreak under control and reduce the risk to new borns.

I’d like to think in some office in the Health Department there is a big transparent plasma screen like the one you see in all the high tech movies, with a outline of the state, highlighting the reported infections. Down one side a series of numbers recording the tally and plotting against previously calculated intervention points which automatically trip increasing levels of free immunizations.

At this level the standard childhood immunizations,  at this level parents of newborns, now people working with children, the vulnerable and finally in a desperate attempt to stop the spread free to everyone. 

Of course its not like that, and I worry that our health services are desperately under funded and people don’t realize the risk or appreciate how long it took us to reign in these terrible scourges and how this brief respite in the history of civilization could end and we could return to tiny babies gasping for breath due to whooping cough.  

We shouldn’t have to go backwards, we shouldn’t have to learn this stuff all over again.



  1. >I live in Canada, and I know that here too there are some people who refuse to get their kids vaccinated because of imagined risks of the vaccination. It's ridiculous! I hope 'the stupid' does indeed burn them raw!

  2. >Thanks Eve, sad to know the stupid is international.

  3. That’s the nature of stupidity. “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

    Keep your vaccinations up to date. Make sure the family is covered. Have a plan in place for when something breaks out and things get shut down for a while. And keep trying to combat brainlessness.

    There’s not much else you can do.

    I must say, though… it would be nice to be allowed to combat stupidity with lethal force sometimes.

  4. >The missus is in hospital on a potential edge because of whooping cough … RSV.

  5. >…and 75% – not a study figure, guesstimate from the head Doc – of transplant recipients from the Prince Charles in Brisbane have it.

  6. I believe I’ve said it before, parents who refuse to immunize are selfish idiots. Selfish because if there is a risk they want others to take it, idiots because if enough people follow that path then their child is at severe risk from not being immunized.

  7. >The stupid, it infects.

  8. I agree entirely. And Mr Flinthart, I should like to subscribe to your pamphlet.

    In addition to vaccination, can the sick people please stay at home when they are sick? One offender in particular is a woman in my place of work (an office by the way, me being a low level government functionary). She comes to work whilst coughing and spluttering, all because she feels she is an indispensible part of the whole department. Which she fucking well is not. Next time she rocks up crook as rookwood she should be bodily marched from the premises…

    • No one is a government office is THAT indispensable

  9. >Moko, my sympathies I hope she comes through. Dr Ythat it does indeed.

  10. >AVN is a joke – well actually no … they are very unfunny. Dorey is a shocker. And you are right that the other factor here is the complacency which is the privilege of those born into a society where modern medicine has already made significant inroads. The pertussis epidemic is so persistent now that the Vic government recently extended their free vaccines for parents programme in an effort to combat it.

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