Breaking the laws of physics

Recently I have had to question my understanding of one of the fundamentals of the universe.

No I don’t mean the experimental result which suggests they detected superluminal neutrinos. Although that result did generate much discussion around the dinner table, yes its that sort of household. That report is just the sort of investigation which is what science is all about. Randall Munroe of xkcd has a good take on how we should deal when such scientific results are reported in the news.


No my discovery involved a recent visit from My_reason_for_living when I thought she had violated one of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. It was one evening, we had been in our centrally heated home for a few hours. Sufficient time for all internal bodies to reach thermodynamic equilibrium and then she placed her feet on my bare skin.
I have a scientific mind, and I had no idea how this can happen. By all the rules of physics her feet should be the same temperature as everything else, including me. It wasn’t until I watched ABCs science program Catalyst that I worked out what was happening.
Obviously  My_reason_for_living’s feet are made of some highly thermal conductive material. Diamond has one of the highest conductivity know to science. Q.E.D her feet are made of diamonds.
Makes as much logical sense as the argument made HERE in the New York Times by Robert Bryce.


  1. Dude.

    Women’s feet are not subject to the normal laws of thermodynamics as we understand them. They are… special. And by ‘special’, I mean ‘permanently fucking cryogenic, and attached to the back of your calves every night at sleepytime.’

    This is the price we pay for not being gentlemen of a more lavender outlook. On the other hand… think of what the poor lesbians have to go through!

  2. Testify

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